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  • August 30, 2021
  • 15 min to read

Artificial Intelligence has selected the 6 best styles for your photos

Artificial Intelligence has selected the 6 best styles for your photos

Photolemur 3 is going to a place we’ve never gone before. And we’re excited to introduce a wildly cool new feature to all our users — styles. 

Currently, there are 6 different and unique styles to make all your photos shine and pull your viewers into the scene you’ve worked to capture and create. 

True to the Photolemur mindset, all styles were created using artificial intelligence. First, AI generated 1000 different styles for us. From there, the best ones were selected using our special algorithm. 

Hundreds of beta testers marked the styles which they found to be the most impressive. And with the help of our algorithms (and the testers) the 6 best, most photo-enhancement worthy styles were chosen. 

From capturing the essence of the season with Fall, to letting the artistic juices flow with Spirited, to keeping things timeless with Classic — here are Photolemur’s 6 new styles, made to make your photos the absolute best they can be.


Maybe you’re venturing to Alaska in search of the bluest waters — taking a trip to Hawaii on a photography voyage for green tropical palms and colorful fish — hiking through the rugged forests of the Pacific Northwest searching for waterfalls. Wherever you’re going, and whatever part of the world you’re traveling to, consider Apollo your go-to style. Bring it along on your adventure next to all your best travel gear, and rest assured that when you are ready to share your photos, it will help to make them look beautiful. Colors will pop. Landmarks will stand out. And the only thing you’ll need to add is a caption: wish you were here.


The Fall style is perfect for revealing the pure beauty of nature. From crimson colored leaves, to yellow and green canopies of trees, each Fall photo makes you feel the essence of the season and brings you into a specific moment in time. It’s warm, calming, and — like all the best parts of nature — truly breathtaking. All you’ll need is your favorite scarf, your coziest sweater, and your best adventure companion. Whether you’re on the hunt for leaves in Germany, Vermont, New York, or Italy, make the photos from your trip even more of a fairytale with the Fall style. 


You know those gorgeous photos of Greek marble sculptures you often see in the Vogue travel section? The kind that make you want to hop on a plane tomorrow and set off in search of all the world’s most ancient buildings and soul-filled architecture? Yep — we love them, too. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Noble style. It’s elegant and fancy, perfect for architecture and aristocratic places. Generated by AI, this style exudes wisdom and class, and is for the intellects and appreciators of the finer things in life. Pair it with the finest glass of red wine you can find or the best cup of piping hot espresso. 


Spirited style is one for the artists and those who are looking to convey emotion and feeling through their images. Whether you’re snapping shots of places, people, or objects — use this style to bring soul to all your photos. If you’re a painter, a potter, a dancer, a photo-taker, an image-maker — you already have the eye of the artist. Spirited just helps you take that eye to the next level with a specific style that’s been fine-tuned just for you. The feeling that artistic elements of the world evoke is unforgettable — and that’s exactly what the Photolemur team set out to highlight with Spirited. 


There’s a certain feel to the perfect black and white photo. And if you agree that classic is always in trend (regardless of time period), you’ll absolutely love this style. Use it on portraits, food, places, and everything in between to achieve that wonderfully timeless look. Use Mono as a base for your images, and let your creativity take flight from there. Try photographing jewelry on hands, still life of fruits, and close-up portraits of people taken in an environment that tells something about the uniqueness of their personality — a chef in the kitchen, a ballerina at the ballet bar, a child with their toys.  


Perhaps you’re snapping scenic shots of the sea or getting up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife. Let Evolve be your experiment in every single way. It’s perfect for those photographers who want to bring their photos to an entirely new and unexpected level. If you’re looking to develop your skills as an image enhancer — and progress to an editing master (in the easiest of ways) give Evolve a try. At the Photolemur team, we like to say it will evolutionize your power as a photographer. Try it on everything!

Whether you’re adding personality to portraits with Classic or making your landscape photos pop with Apollo, let Photolemur 3.0 styles take you to places you’ve never been before. 

Just don’t forget to bring us (and your viewers) along with you for the journey!

At Photolemur, we can’t wait to see what you create!

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