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  • May 01, 2021
  • 7 min to read

How To Make A Picture Bigger But Keep The Quality? Top Things You Need To Know

How To Make A Picture Bigger But Keep The Quality? Top Things You Need To Know

Have you attempted making your pictures larger by utilizing zoom tool? In case you have, you most likely have observed that the picture seems to lose high quality whenever you do that.

How To Make My Photo Bigger With High Quality?

The bigger picture usually appears fuzzy and based on just how much you have increased this; this may be hard to say exactly what the picture initially appeared to be. This could be annoying particularly if the picture turned out excellent, and also you want to utilize this on a weblog or even share this on the social media.

The good news is; generally there are a few tools you may use to increase the size of your pictures without having to stress about the loss of quality. In this post, you will gain details about how to increase the size of a picture without having to lose the quality and also the key cause why you lose the quality whenever you increase the size of your photos.

With modern day digital camera packing much more megapixels, you can find yourself running a shortage of the storage due to the fact that higher megapixels as well as larger sensors usually produce pictures with the bigger dimension which consumes plenty of storage space.

Scaling your photos up is the easiest way to improve pictures to be able to clear up some storage space on your computer or Smartphone. However, decreasing or increasing the dimension of an image usually indicates a substantial damage of the quality.

In this post, we are going to inform you the greatest techniques to deal with this issue. Generally, there are a number of methods to improve your pictures. Some have to have a 3rd party application. However, the technique we are going to talk about will certainly allow you resize pictures without having the loss of the high quality.

How To Make Pictures Larger And Resize Without Losing The Quality?

Right here is a few of the online-based tools which will allow you make the images larger and resize without having to lose the high quality:

The Image Optimizer:

Making use of this zero cost online service, it is possible to optimize, compress and resize your picture files. Making use of the particular service is definitely as simple as the clicking of button!

The optimized pictures are much better! They're more desirable for email attachments, web pages and also storage on the disk. You will barely observe any kind of variation in the quality between resized image and original image right after utilizing this particular tool.

The Punypng:

The Punypng is a “no cost” optimization tool for website which significantly decreases the file dimension of your pictures with no damage to the quality. This particular online tool additionally provides people much more controls on compression.

The Resizepiconline:

The ResizePicOnline is a handy web tool for resizing the images. It offers a similar user interface for your entire electronic gadgets. You may change the standard of the picture from high quality to medium quality. This change can impact the picture dimension. In case you would rather maintain the picture as top quality after that in the “settings”, it is possible to maintain the premium quality and also change the sizes till you are pleased.

The Smushit:

The Smushit is a site which goes way beyond the restrictions of Photoshop, "Fireworks and Company." This utilizes picture file format particular non-lossy picture tools for optimization to squash last bytes from your pictures - without having to change their own visible high quality or even appear.

The Photoenlarger:

The Photoenlarger is a zero cost tool to increase the size of your image, picture or photo online without having to lose the quality. Just upload and then choose from the 4 different enlargements which the website produces.


This is the way you can easily resize the images without having to lose the quality. Users do not have to get any 3rd party computer software simply to resize the images. I wish you enjoyed this post. 

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