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  • December 24, 2018
  • 3 min to read

HOLIDAY | Photolemur Style

HOLIDAY | Photolemur Style

Perfect for warm family portraits, shots of city lights, and New Year’s party photos.

Holiday style is free for all Photolemur 3 users. Download Holiday style.
Not a Photolemur user yet? Get license here.

Save the spirit of the moment with warm holiday colors in the Photolemur style. Want to remember those special holiday times as bright as they were in real life? Add cheer to your photos with the Holiday style and make your memories last forever.

Is there something you can’t imagine your New Year’s Eve without? A kiss, streets decorated with lights, or maybe gingerbread cookies? Whatever your perfect holiday is, the photos you take will reveal the wonderful emotions. 

With the Photolemur Holiday style, the festive spirit of your images will be around the whole year.

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