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  • July 24, 2018
  • 10 min to read

Photolemur User Goran Jorganovich Shares His Story

Photolemur User Goran Jorganovich Shares His Story

Every month we write a story about one of our Photolemur users, and our hero this month is Norwegian TV photographer Goran Jorganovich. Goran shared his amazing life story with us as well as some secrets of his photography process. If you want to share your story with us and be featured on our blog, email

Where it all started

Goran Jorganovich was born on the territory of the former Yugoslavia into a family of teachers. He studied political science and journalism and has been working in media since 1984, first as a radio journalist and later with newspapers. Today he lives in Norway where he works as a photographer for the Norwegian national TV network. 

'My dear parents from a young age have transferred to me the love of art, books, and photography. My father was a teacher who liked photography and knew many secrets of the craft. When I was only five years old, he taught me the basics of photography, which to this day has remained my favorite hobby and, to a large extent, the sense of my life.

I got the first camera from my beloved father. It was an East German Praktica. My father taught me the secrets of the darkroom. From the early sixties to the present, the photographic camera is my best and sincere friend.

Now, there is always at least one camera in my backpack, car, or pocket. My Norwegian friends often call me Mr. Gadget because they know it’s always in my hand, a toy for capturing light.

I love all the photographic genres. I record people, street photos, landscapes, and impressions from amusing road trips with TV.'

Which photographers have influenced you and how have they influenced your thinking, photography, and career path?

Henri Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry, and Yousuf Karsh are my favorite photographers. Bresson helped me to understand what the decisive moment is. Ansel Adams fascinated me with his black-and-white photographs and an understanding of the phenomenon of photography. Steve McCurry and his color palette are unbelievable. Human faces and their expression remain deeply carved in my consciousness. His Afghan Girl from 1984 is my favorite photo.

Robert Cappa and his documentary photographs are also a somewhat unforgettable and unbelievable treasure for learning photographic expression.

And Yousuf Karsh and his portraits are something incredible.

Why do you take photos? What camera do you use?

Photography is my life. Every day I make new photos and leave a trace of today’s time for generations that may one day look at my photos and understand the time in which their ancestors lived. 

Today I use many cameras. At home, I have almost all cameras that have appeared in recent years. There are over 20 cameras. Ricoh, Sigma, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica... Today my first choice is the Fuji X-Pro2, which is almost always in my bag.

Today, there are no bad cameras, only bad photographers. Of course, I’m thinking of myself too.

What tools do you use for post-processing? Explain your workflow.

I use mostly Photoshop where I have installed the Nik Collection and Photolemur. There is also Aurora HDR 2018. Photolemur is great and saves you a lot of time. Sometimes I use my iPad and iPhone on which I have the Snapseed app installed, and that’s it. After Photolemur has done its job, I can fix some details a bit in the Photoshop camera RAW filter. And that’s all my workflow.

How does Photolemur help you with your workflow?

Photolemur is a great assistant. It saves a lot of time, especially when you are on a journey and your wife insists that you go to the city.

Photolemur provides an excellent result and photos get a new dimension and quality very fast.

I spend little time on post-processing. I open a photo with Bridge in Photoshop, then trim it with a RAW filter in Photoshop, or first use Photolemur and then briefly trim in Photoshop.

When was the first time you earned money with photography? What did you do?

I remember getting my first money by shooting a wedding. These were black-and-white photographs. It was a fine feeling to earn the first money from a photo and see smiles and satisfaction on the customers’ faces.

I remember I washed the photos in the bathroom, which for a long time smelled of chemicals:)

How do you choose what you’re going to shoot?

I’m always trying to see the difference between viewing and seeing the world around me. It’s just that feeling, like in creating music, that you must grab your camera and take a photo. In my work for TV, I meet so many interesting people, I visit so many interesting places. Curiosity and the desire to keep some trace behind us is the driving energy for taking photos. It would be unjust if sometimes I didn’t record all such beautiful moments with my camera, wouldn’t it?

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

My main job is in television camera and video, but still, photography is my favorite hobby. There are tens of thousands of photos on my computer and it is difficult to choose one. But this time I would choose a photo I made a few days ago during my vacation. It is a wonderful Bosnian landscape. Who would say that tragedy and wars are a regular phenomenon in this beautiful space?

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